Children’s Medical Cart

Children’s Medical Cart for Young Minds in Australia

Children’s medical cart for young minds in Australia delivered locally to your family.

Children's Medical Cart

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Children's Medical Cart
Children's Medical Cart

Children’s Medical Cart the #1 Choice

Children’s medical cart the #1 choice found here is a for children pretend play including all accessories, from the children’s medical cart tray, work permit, stethoscope and much more. It is on wheels being mobile for your child to attend their patient at easy access, and beautiful finish all allowing for an immersive play experience for your family.

A Popular Choice

This toy will provide our young ones hours of great fun ensuring they may develop good functional cognitive outcomes including empathy, compassion, and care.

Children's Medical Cart

The History of the Children’s Medical Cart

The history of the children’s medical cart can be traced to the early prototypes of the original “Wheeled Emergency Care Vehicle” that was in conceptual creations just before 1969 by Dr. Joel Nobel. Referred to as a Medical Emergency Crash Cart and known as the MAX by ECRI employees. The crash cart is designed to house ever so important emergency instruments and other medical supplies. Being for cardio-pulminary resuscitation, the top of the cart was used to support the patient during treatment.

Today, Integrity Toy Sales offers a wide choice of great toy designs that allow for our important children to develop their existential game play and interests. The toy featured on this page is a fine example of a quality toy for children’s play, providing young minds with powerful learning tools that foster creativity and exploration.